Basic Boat Moorings And Common Repairs

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In order to maximize the amount of enjoyment you get from your new boat, you need to spend as much time on the water as possible. While some boat owners opt to store their vessel at a storage facility or in their driveway when the boat isn't in use, others recognize the convenience offered by mooring a boat at the marina.

There are a few different types of mooring services offered by most marinas, and you need to understand the risks involved with each option. This knowledge will help you become more familiar with the basics of boat mooring repairs that you may have to help pay for at the marina over time.

Boat Slip

A boat slip is essentially a parking stall for your boat. The marina will have a large number of slips available, and you will be assigned one of these slips if you choose to utilize a slip when mooring your boat. There are some advantages to using a slip; you can easily board your vessel, and you can ensure that your boat is secured safely at all times.

A slip can become damaged if the floating walkways on either side of the slip are not maintained properly. Exposure to the elements can cause the wood used to construct these walkways to deteriorate. Walkways will need to be repaired regularly to ensure the safety of your slip.


Another mooring option that you have when you choose to store your boat at a marina is docking. Docking is another way to store your boat on the open water, but it utilizes different equipment than a boat slip. Your boat will need to be equipped with fenders and dock ropes to secure the vessel in place.

If boat slips are like parking stalls, docking can be likened to parallel parking spots. The dock itself is always at risk of being damaged by a boat that approaches too quickly and makes contact with the dock. Repairs will need to be made to a damaged dock before it can securely hold your boat in place.

Dry Docking

Many marinas offer dry docking services for boats of all sizes. Dry docking requires that your boat be removed from the water using a narrow basin that is drained of water once your boat has entered. A large crane or other piece of equipment can then transport your boat to a storage location.

The basin in which boats are dry docked can become corroded over time. Repairs must be made to protect your boat while it is dry docked at the marina. If the area where you store your boat has any damage, contact marina repair services to help take care of the problem.