Protecting Your Crew While Working On Public Roads

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Anytime you are working on a job that involves working in the road, there is a potential that someone could get hit by a passing car or that an accident could occur with a slow-moving vehicle that you are driving. Protecting the people working on the job and the equipment you rely on is critical while you are in harm's way. 

Flaggers and Barriers

If you are working in one area, putting flaggers and barriers on the road to alert the motorist to the fact that you are on the road is a good idea. When the traffic is stationary or slow-moving, it is less likely that someone will get hit, and the flaggers can let people know when they can go through the area.

While flaggers don't stop every accident, they are a great way to slow traffic and keep people aware of the work and work crew. 

Concrete Barriers

The concrete barriers along the road are an excellent way to keep a car from hitting workers, but the concrete may shatter or break if a car hits it, and the pieces can fly far quite far. Make sure to be aware of the traffic moving through the construction site even if the barries are in place. 

Crash Trucks

If you are in the road without a lot of protection around you, renting a crash track to position on the side that offers the most risk is an excellent way to stop a high-speed collision with a fast-moving car. The crash truck has a sizable energy-absorbing box on the back of it. When the truck is in use, the box lowers down to the right height to line up with most cars and trucks on the road. 

If a speeding car hits the back of the crash truck, the box will absorb most of the impact and protect the people on the other side of the truck. Crash trucks are often used when crews are painting lines or if a large piece of equipment needs moving down the road. 

If your company does not have a crash truck, some companies rent them for the duration of a job, and then they go back to the crash truck rental company until the next time they are needed. You will need insurance on the truck when you rent it, and if it is hit, most rental companies will want it fixed. Your company's insurance plan should cover it, and the cost of repairing the truck is better than having someone get hurt or killed because the car was not there.