Effective Strategies For Disposing Of A Mattress

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When you are cleaning out your bedroom, there are several things you need to dispose of that can be very heavy or difficult to handle. One of the worst is your mattress. A mattress can be awkward to move, and you might have a difficult time finding a place to dispose of it. One way to make this much easier is with a dumpster rental.

Signs That Your Mattress Should Be Replaced

Mattresses often need to be replaced. You might have a stain on your mattress, it might have become infested with bed bugs, or it might be sagging. When mattresses are used for a long time, they can start to sag. As a result, you won't want to hold onto your mattress for any longer than you have to. 

Mattress Disposal Options

One way to dispose of a mattress is to place it by the curb. But this depends on your waste disposal company's policy. In some cases, they might not pick up the waste. In other cases, they might charge you a fee. However, you should find out if they have a mattress pickup option and what the process is for arranging to have your mattress picked up.

If you are removing more than just your mattress, you may be better off hiring a dumpster rental. Measure the dimensions of the items that you will be disposing of. Then contact a dumpster rental company; they should be able to provide you with a quote and the right type of dumpster for the job. As long as you confirm that a mattress will be accepted by the trash pickup company, you'll be ready to get to work.

Saving Money

The more debris that you have to dispose of alongside the mattress, the more bang that you will get for your buck. A mattress will typically not fill up an entire dumpster. However, you will want to make sure that the dumpster rental company will allow you to place the mattress inside. There are some companies that will request that you place the mattress outside the dumpster rather than in it, and they will pick it up and dispose of it for you.

When moving the mattress, figure out how you will move it. If the mattress is upstairs, you may want to slide the mattress down the stairs. Because mattresses can be very awkward, you'll want to ask someone to help you move it. If you don't have any help, a dumpster rental company might also offer junk removal services. Go to sites like http://www.waredisposal.com to learn more about dumpster rental services.