Yard Landscaping Installing Tips To Help You Budget And Plan For Your Newly-Built Home

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A newly-built home is a great option to choose as your next residence, and you get the opportunity to choose the color schemes, many of the building materials, and often the floor plan. But in addition to choosing many of the home's options, you also get to install a new yard and its landscaping. As you prepare to build a new home, here are some projects you will need to budget and plan for to install your new home's yard and landscaping.

Build a Fence

When you buy and move into a newly-built home, you may have several neighbors living around you, and most likely, there will not already be a fence installed. Unless your neighbors have paid to install the fence themselves before you moved in, this is something you will need to consider adding. After all, good fences make good neighbors and help keep your backyard private. And if you have any pets or children, a fence can keep them safe.

A fence is a project you can complete on your own with some basic tools, the proper measurements, and a plot of your yard's boundary lines. You can install a wood fence with lumber that you can find at a local hardware or home improvement store. You can also order a fence and have it installed by a fencing installation service to save you the work and the chance of building it incorrectly. Talk to a local home builder about your options for a backyard privacy fence made of vinyl, wrought iron, wood, or chain link.

Install a Sprinkler System

Before you can start growing any type of cultivated landscaping, you will need to set up an irrigation system. One of the most common types of irrigation systems is made of pop-up sprinklers connected to a belowground delivery system. This is the best option for watering a lawn, which you will likely want to install in your backyard to create a cool and comfortable environment to spend your summer days. 

Before you install the sprinkler system, plot your yard on a graph and plan out where you will place each sprinkler head. Depending on the size of your yard, you may need to install the sprinklers in different zones. Measure the pressure of your home's water to find out an approximate number of sprinkler heads you can add to each zone according to the water flow. You can use a water pressure measure to find out your water pressure. 

Shop a local home improvement store for their selection of water-saving sprinklers and irrigation systems. Or you can hire this installation through a local landscaping company.