Maintaining Public Restrooms: 5 Tips To Protect Your Plumbing System

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One of the maintenance problems that businesses often experience when maintaining their buildings is public restroom areas. This is especially true for entertainment venues and service-oriented businesses, such as restaurants, bars, and places where people tend to gather and spend several hours, such as dance clubs and bowling alleys. If you operate a business that provides restrooms for public and customer use and feel you have been dealing with far too many stopped-up sink drains and overflowing toilets, these tips may help you find some needed relief. 

Consider removing or reducing the amount of paper products available 

Most of the clogs encountered by business owners who offer public restroom facilities will involve paper products, many of which were placed in the restroom for customer use by the business owner or management. Paper towel products meant for hand drying that are then flushed down the toilets are one of the most common causes of these clogs. Businesses who opt to no longer offer paper towels and instead use warm air dryers may see an immediate reduction in the number of toilet clogs they experience. 

Make sure that waste receptacles are conveniently located 

When waste receptacles are conveniently placed and emptied frequently, customers and patrons are much more likely to use them. To further encourage proper usage, make sure that your public restrooms offer visible waste receptacles in the lounge and waiting areas near public bathrooms, as well as inside each stall and beside hand washing stations in each bathroom. 

Post tasteful signs with waste disposal directions 

Reminding customers and patrons of preferred disposal methods for paper towels, soiled diapers, and feminine hygiene products can be helpful in preventing clogged toilets. To do this, place tasteful, clearly worded signs where they will be seen when standing at the sink, entering commode enclosures, and while seated on the toilet. 

Step up cleaning schedules 

If plumbing clogs are due to the inattention and careless behavior of some of your patrons, stepping up the cleaning schedule in your public bathrooms can be helpful. Users that see grimy sinks and litter on the floor are often much more careless in their own disposal methods than they would be if using a spotlessly clean bathroom. 

Invest in periodic drain maintenance 

Since many plumbing clogs form over time, having a reputable commercial plumber perform periodic drain cleanings can be an important factor in lessening the number of clogs you experience in your public restroom areas. In addition, your commercial plumbing service can also assess your existing plumbing system to see if there are problems that may be contributing to the problem and recommend beneficial changes.