Tips For Getting Your Business's Flat Roof Ready Before Winter

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As winter approaches, you may be thinking about getting your business ready for the cold weather in the coming months. As part of these preparations, your flat roof should be high on your priority list to help keep it from being damaged and starting to leak under snowy or icy conditions. Use the following tips to help get your business's flat roof ready before winter sets in.

Cut Off Overhanging Tree Branches

One thing you can do to help keep your roof from being damaged during winter is to look at the trees surrounding your business. If there are any branches that are spread out and hanging over your building, you should cut these off before the first snow or ice storm hits.

When trees go to sleep in the winter, their branches are not as pliable as they are when sap is running through them. When snow and ice accumulate on them, the extra weight can bend the branches to the point that they snap.

If the branches snap off and fall on your roof, there is a chance that their sharp edges could puncture your flat roof's surface. Also, if the branches remain on the roof, the material underneath them will not dry out quickly, which could lead to deterioration of your roof's surface.

Clean Out the Roof's Drainage Outlets

Another way you can prepare your roof for inclement winter weather is to ensure that the drainage outlets along the edges are cleaned out. When they are clear, the water from the melting snow or ice will drain off of your roof without you having to worry about flooding or ponding.

However, if dust, dirt, and leaves are blocking these outlets, the water will have no place to go. As a result, it will stand on the roof's surface and break down its surface, or the water will find any small holes or openings in the seams of your roof. Both of these scenarios will lead to leaks inside your business's building.

You can clean out the outlets by removing the drain lid and scooping out any debris you find. However, if you believe there is a blockage out of your reach, you should have a roofer perform the task for you.

Using the tips above can help you prepare your business's flat roof for the winter months to decrease the risk of damage. If you would prefer to have a professional make the preparations and repair any current damage, contact a commercial roofing contractor to discuss your options.