Stud Welder Rental 101: A Closer Examination Of Costs Involved

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Maybe you have an automotive project that requires a stud welder, or perhaps you are working on some metal sheeting applications on your property. In either case, renting a stud welder if you do not own one is a logical choice. Stud welders are handy to have around, but if you are like most DIYers, you will not use the equipment frequently enough to use invest in a whole outfit to put in your garage. The biggest questions usually come into play where costs are concerned when it comes to any type of welder rental. Here are a few things you probably want to know before renting a stud welder. 

How much does it cost to rent a stud welder?

There is no one answer to this question for a few reasons. For one, there are multiple types of stud welders out there. In general, the cost will go up according to the size, power, or type of stud welding system you want to rent. So, for example, a stud welder with a capacitor discharge welding action will probably cost a little less than an arc stud welder. Secondly, the price for rental can depend on your location, the company you rent the welder from, and whether the rental service requires you to pay for insurance on the equipment.

How will you be charged for the stud welder when you rent it?

Most equipment rental stores who specialize in stud welders will charge you by the hour for the welder you rent. They also usually have time-block rentals for something like four hours, eight hours, or even twelve hours. In some cases, you will be able to rent the welder by the day or the week. For most people who just have one simple project, they will only need the stud welder for a few hours. 

Will you also have to pay for renting stud welding supplies?

Stud welders don't use the same materials as typical welding systems. They require you to buy studs that specifically fit the welder and the type of project for which the welder will be used. When you rent a stud welder, it will usually be your responsibility to pick up the studs you need or any extra welding supplies, such as safety gear or tools, on your own. The rental equipment store may sell the supplies you need separately, but they will rarely come along with the cost of the rental. 

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