Prepare To Have Your New Concrete Patio Installed

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If you do a lot of grilling outside and you're tired of not having a stable surface for your grill and table, then it's time to put in a patio so you can so you have a more comfortable outdoor lifestyle. Concrete is an affordable option for a patio and the construction goes fairly fast. Here are some tips for preparing for your new patio.

Determine The Size And Location

The size of your patio will determine its cost, but you want one with plenty of room for your needs. You'll need a few feet of clearance around your table and grill so allow plenty of space. Try positioning your current outdoor furniture in the area to see how well they fit in the size you plan to order. Don't forget to account for additions you may want such as a hot tub or fire pit. If your home has sliding glass doors, you probably want to position your patio in front of them. If not, you may want it in a place that is naturally shady so you won't have to invest in an awning for sun protection. Having it near the kitchen door is helpful too since you'll be going in and out frequently while you cook.

Decide If You Want To Install It Yourself

It might be possible for you to put in a concrete patio yourself by preparing the base and having ready mix delivered, but be sure you know what to expect first. You'll need to slope the patio so water drains off it and away from your house. You'll also need to strip and compact the soil, which can be a lot of work. Spreading the concrete might not be easy either since you have a set window of time before it gets too stiff to work with. Hiring a concrete contractor to put in your new patio might be the best choice if you've never done it before.

Choose A Finish For The Concrete

If budget is a factor, you may want a plain concrete patio. However, if you want something a little more exciting, think about adding color to the concrete or even stamping it so it has a more luxurious look. A stamped concrete patio can be designed to look like it's made from stones or bricks so your patio will have a little more personality.

Prepare For Installation Day

The contractor will use a variety of equipment to build your patio that might include a machine that strips your lawn, one that tills the soil, and another that compacts the base. In addition, the cement will be delivered in a cement mixer, so you'll need to prepare your property for all the activity and machinery. Provide parking on the street and your driveway for the work crew and clear the area of lawn furniture and clutter.

A concrete patio will bring you many years of enjoyment and make cooking and eating outdoors much easier. Add some string lights and lounge chairs and you can enjoy cool breezes at night or soak up the sun during the day.