How To Repair Your Old Patio So The Concrete Looks New Again

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If you enjoy spending time on your patio relaxing and entertaining friends, but you're embarrassed about the condition of the concrete, then you should call a contractor to talk about repairs. While you can put down an outdoor rug, the measure is only temporary, and if the concrete is heaved or cracked, it could still be a tripping hazard. Here are some ways a contractor can repair your concrete patio to get it back in good shape.

Elevate A Sunken Area

If part of your patio is collapsed, it might be that way because it wasn't installed properly. Maybe the base wasn't compacted very well, and the soil shifted. The solution now could be to elevate the sunken area, which is easier and quicker than ripping out the concrete and starting over. A slurry can be pumped under the sunken part to raise it. The mixture is made from a concrete mix so once the slab is elevated, the concrete will harden and provide a stable, solid base for it to rest on. Once your patio is level, the crack caused by the sunken slab can be filled with concrete patch and smoothed over. The repair work will probably be noticeable, but that can be remedied by resurfacing the concrete, so it looks like new.

Grind Down A Heaved Area

Sometimes the opposite happens to your patio, and a portion of it rises rather than sinks. This can happen when big tree roots get under the concrete and lift it. A solution for this might be to saw off or grind away the elevated side of the crack, so the surface is level again. If this option will work, the patio is made level, and the crack is filled. This eliminates the trip hazard, so your patio is safe for guests again.

Improve The Appearance Of The Concrete

If you're bothered by your patio because it has ugly stains, cracks, or pits in it, then your contractor has a few options for making the surface beautiful. Resurfacing adds a thin layer of cement mix to the top of the patio so it looks like new concrete An overlay can also be added to your patio. The advantage to getting an overlay is that it can be stamped with different designs and have color added. This can make the old worn out concrete look like a brand new patio made with slate or brick.

Don't give up on your old patio just because it is ugly or cracked. There are options for repairing it, and when the contractor is done, it will look like you had a new patio installed, but the job will be done quicker and at a lower price than tearing out the old patio and putting in a new one. Contact a company like G Batista & Associates for more information.