Noises In Your Attic? You Could Have A Damaged Roof

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If you hear strange noises in your attic, you may have a rat problem. But if you can't find signs of rat activity inside your home, check your roof. Rodents can create openings or holes in damaged roofing material. If you repair your roof, you can help keep rats out of your attic. Here's how and why rats take advantage of a damaged roof and the solutions you need for both issues.

Why Do You Have Rats?

Rats are opportunistic pests that take advantage of any weaknesses they find in your home. If your roof has missing shingles, rotting wood, or damaged fascia boards, rats will find and use these conditions to access your attic. The rodents will eventually invade the internal rooms of your house.

If possible, enter your attic and examine it with a flashlight. You may find rodent droppings on the trusses and beams supporting the attic's ceiling and walls. Because these structures connect directly to the roof, rodents can use them to enter the attic.

You also want to carefully examine your attic's ceiling. You may find holes in the ceiling or along its corners. If you can do so, inspect the condition of the holes for rotting or molding wood. These signs may indicate water damage in your roof.

Once you complete your inspection, contact a roofing contractor for help.

What Are the Solutions for Your Problems?

A contractor will generally perform a secondary inspection of your attic to confirm your initial findings. After the inspection, a roofer will inspect the condition of your roof. This step usually requires a contractor to climb the roof. A contractor will look for lost or damaged shingles, as well as missing flashing and fascia boards.

If your roof has small areas of damage, a contractor can usually repair them with new material and shingles. If your roof has significant problems, such as multiple water leaks or a deteriorating substrate, roofer may suggest that you replace the structure completely. A complete roof replacement can require a great deal of planning, so it's important to keep in touch with a roofer throughout the process.

After you have a secure roof and attic, keep rodents away from your home by pruning or removing the trees from your property. Rodents can use overhanging branches and limbs to access a home's roof. You may wish to contact pest control services for additional help with your rodent problem.

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