Your New HVAC Unit: Protecting It

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With a brand new HVAC unit, you may be happy to bid farewell to bulky units in your windows and enjoy the fact that you have one unit for both the cooling and heating inside the house. Because it's a new unit and system, you might not give one thought to it until there's something not working well. Rather than wait for trouble, you can maintain the new HVAC unit in the same way you maintain other parts of your home. Some issues to address include the following.

1. Reading Unit Manual

If you've had the unit installed by a pro, remember to ask about the owner manual for the appliance. The manual will lay out tasks to do and provide information about preserving the unit. Sometimes these manuals are online for you to see, in case you can't track down a hard copy.

2. Cleaning Fan Blades

Every now and then, turn off the unit, remove the unit's fan cage and wipe down the blades of the fan. Mud, dust and other things can build up on the blades and make it harder for your new unit to work; periodic cleaning will keep the fan working well.

3. Doing Ground Maintenance around the Unit

It's not enough to constantly clean fan blades if you plan to do nothing about the grounds that surround the unit. Regular mowing, raking and picking up of twigs and debris can ensure that the unit can function undisturbed.

4. Clearing Off the Blower Filter

The filter is a part that is easy to deal with but unfortunately easy to overlook. By just brushing the blower filter every few weeks, you can get rid of the dust and other particles which could interfere with the efficiency of the unit. You can locate the blower filter easily by consulting the manual, and brushing with one of your old toothbrushes can accomplish the task quickly. If the filter is compromised and is torn or showing other damage, most home improvement stores can help you find a new one and explain how to replace it.

6. Having Periodic Inspections

You may only think that it's appropriate to contact an expert when something's broken, but the truth is that periodic inspections are smart if you hope your unit works for a long period. A professional can make note of problems before they get too serious and can clean out the entire unit for you, if you desire.

Your unit is just like any other appliance used often; maintenance is required if you want to protect and preserve the piece. Discuss your home's needs with a HVAC contractor so you can be confident your unit lasts.