3 Ways A Commercial Permitting Service Can Get Your Project Off The Ground

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If you want to start a large commercial construction project, there are a large variety of permits that you are going to need to obtain in order to get the project started. A commercial permitting service, such as City Permit, is a company that helps you obtain the permits that you need in order to move forward with large-scale projects from all appropriate agencies. Here are a few different areas that a commercial permitting service can assist you with.

#1 Local Government Authorities

To start with, you are going to need to deal with your local government authorities to get your project approved. If your project is really big, you may need to work with multiple agencies to get approval for your plan. 

Local government agencies may take into consideration what value your business will bring to the area and what type of impact your business will have on the community. Government agencies try to judge not only if you should build on the land when it comes to commercial projects, but if the building that you want to put there will be beneficial or harmful to the local community. They study the structural plans that you present as well as the business plans that you put forward.

A commercial permitting service can help ensure that you permit applications address all the levels of your business and that they contain enough details to get the various local government agencies that you will be working with to move forward and approve your proposal.

#2 Building Permits

Once you have the permits to go forward with your business plans, you are not out of the water. You are going to need to submit and apply for numerous permits as you go through the building process for water access, electrical work, roofing, etc. A commercial permitting agency will help ensure that you have all the building permits that you need and that you are ready for each inspect that comes with those permits.

#3 ADA

If your building is going to be open to the public, you are going to have to make sure that it meets the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act. A permitting agency can work with you to ensure that you build the right accommodations into your original plans. They can also help look over everything to ensure that you pass the ADA inspection.

Working with a commercial permitting agency allows you to partner with someone who knows all the permits and inspections that you are going to need for your large school commercial project and who knows how the process works. They can help review all of your applications and ensure that they are comprehensive enough and work with you to ensure that your commercial project passes all inspections.