Why You Should Have a Hurricane-Proof Door Installed on Your Home

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If you live in a hurricane prone area, then you may be highly concerned about making sure your roof and your interior windows are impact resistant. While this is ideal, you also want to make sure that you have a hurricane proof door. Keep reading to learn why.

It Will Make Your Home Impenetrable

You may think that hurricane proof windows are ideal to keep debris from entering your home during a hurricane. While this is true, you also want the windows to remain strong, so your home is structurally sound. Broken windows allow winds to enter your home and the abrupt pressure change in your residence can force the wind up towards the roof. This can force the roof up and away from your home. In some cases, the pressure can cause the walls to bulge. Both of these issues are extremely dangerous to your home's structure.

The movement of wind through your home can occur at any entry point. This includes the front door of your house. If the door is not hurricane proof, then hurricane winds and flying debris can collapse the door.

If you currently have a stylish door on your home that features windows, then you may be hesitant about exchanging your door for a stronger variety. However, impact doors do come with hurricane resistant windows. Most windows are laminated varieties similar to the ones that make up vehicle windshields. The ones used for impact doors are fitted with strong polymer layers between the pieces of glass. The layer keeps the window intact even if flying debris does cause it to crack. 

It Can Lower Home Insurance Costs

Your home insurance may be quite high if you live in a hurricane area. Also, most hurricane insurance policies have fairly large deductibles. It is not uncommon for you to pay 1% to 5% of your home value before the insurance kicks in. If you simply cannot afford this deductible and if you also want to keep your insurance costs as controlled as possible, then a hurricane door can help. 

Most home insurance companies will offer fairly substantial discounts whenever you make an improvement that can reduce future damage. This includes a hurricane door. Once you have the door installed, send your home insurance company a picture of the door as well as the receipt for installation. In some cases, professional installation is required for you to receive your discount. Make sure the paperwork also lists the rating of the door do you get the discount you deserve.