Eight Tips For Painting The Exterior Of A Very Tall Home

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If you're painting the exterior of a very tall home, you probably want a professional house painting service to do the job for you. Painting homes of two or more stories can be dangerous, and you will likely need scaffolding for the height and any tricky features, like dormers. Here are eight tips to help your job go more smoothly.

Plan Well in Advance

Because painting a tall home can be more complicated than a single-story structure, it's imperative to plan everything in advance with your painters. Once the scaffolding has been moved to a different area of the home, it can be quite costly in terms of labor to add another color or change your mind about a hue. Decide on all your paint colors up front, and be sure to discuss precisely how trim paint will be applied around windows and doors.

Protect the Scaffolding Area

Once your painters have scaffolding in place to reach higher areas of the home, protect your painters' safety by making sure the scaffolding area remains undisturbed. If there's a chance kids or pets could knock it, use temporary fencing to block off the area. Also, try restricting entrances to those that are far away from where the painters are working.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Since the painters working at the peak of your roof may have a view of your neighbors' properties that are normally more private, it's nice to have a chat with the folks near you before commencing your job. That way, they can make sure their windows are covered or they're not trying to entertain with workers looking over their yard.

Provide Privacy for the Interior of Your Upper Stories

Speaking of privacy, make sure your own interior is protected as well. You may not normally use window coverings in certain rooms but will find it necessary with workers just outside.

Be Wary of Pests

Before your painters start work, let them know of any pests you've seen but can't reach at the upper levels of your home, like wasps or bats. They may want to spray the area or wear protective gear, or they may ask you to take care of it before they can begin the job.

Ask Painters to Look for Areas Needing Repair

Ask your painting service to let you know if they see anything on your home needing repair while they have a bird's eye view. This can include loose roofing, rotting wood, or masonry needing replacement.

Take Advantage of Scaffolding

Since your painters should be using scaffolding that is in compliance with OSHA regulations, the same scaffolding may work well for other professionals to perform tough jobs like

  • repairing clapboards and wood elements
  • replacing broken window panes
  • fixing masonry
  • reshingling the roof
  • washing windows
  • cleaning rain gutters
  • installing or removing window air conditioners

If it's not legally possible for your painters to allow other professionals on their scaffolding, and they can't perform additional tasks for you, consider hiring a third party to install scaffolding that everyone can use. This way, you can get all your jobs done at once.

Paint for Longevity

Finally, since painting a tall home is clearly a more complicated--and therefore expensive--project, get the job done with longevity in mind. Select the highest quality paint you can afford, consider adding an extra coat or two for wear, and add any needed UV or moisture protection, so your job will stand the test of time.

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