4 Signs It Is Time For Roadway Repair

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Over time, asphalt that is driven on and in use will start to wear out and break down. As asphalt starts to show signs of wear, it can create dangerous driving conditions. There are a number of signs of asphalt wear that indicate it is time to hire a company for roadway repair. 


Potholes aren't just unsightly, they can cause damage to cars that use your roadway, as well. Potholes are created when water is introduced into the soil that lies underneath the asphalt. This water starts to weaken the soil, and as cars drive over the weakened spot, the weakened asphalt starts to break up and crack, eventually forming a pothole. Potholes can be easily filled and then sealed over with asphalt, and if you notice potholes in your road, you need to have them fixed as soon as possible. 

Oil Damage

Oil on your asphalt roadway will do more than just stain the asphalt and make it unsightly, it can damage the asphalt long-term, as well. Oil will eat away at the sealcoat on the asphalt, and eventually eat away at the asphalt itself creating small depressions. Oil damage is best dealt with as soon as it is noticed in order to prevent this damage from occurring. If you notice oil spots on your roadway, call in a professional to have them assess the extent of the damage and then repair the asphalt as needed. 


Cracking to asphalt will occur over time, and is especially prevalent in asphalt that isn't re-sealed properly or asphalt that is quite old. Cracks in the asphalt are caused by things that can't be avoided, such as changing temperatures, water, and the sun. Small cracks can quickly spread into larger issues, and should be filled immediately. 


Rutting in asphalt refers to small depressions and grooves in the asphalt that is created due to the weight of vehicles constantly moving over the asphalt. Ruts can pose a danger to drivers, as well as compromise the asphalt. Ruts in the asphalt can damage the soil layer underneath the asphalt and might cause the asphalt to shift eventually. Ruts should be filled before the problem gets worse. 

If you notice one, or all, of these signs in the roadway that you care for, it's time to call in professionals of roadway repair. They will be able to determine whether or not your roadway can be repaired by simple patching, or if you will need to re-apply the asphalt to the damaged areas.