5 Urgent Situations When You Need To Have Your Land Surveyed

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Having your land surveyed is one of the smartest moves a current or aspiring property owner can make. Sometimes, one needs the land surveyed for personal reasons or private record keeping. However, in the following situations, it's essential to seek help from a land surveyor as soon as possible to get land surveying completed by a professional.

Having a Conflict of Use

Sometimes conflicts over the use of your property arise when you have problematic tenants or neighbors who are overstepping boundaries that should be respected. If there is an argument over the proper use or boundary of your land, it's important to have your land surveyed to settle questions on boundaries and determine who has the right to determine the proper uses for the property.

Buying a Home

When you are seriously considering the purchase of a house, it's important to employ a land surveyor to evaluate the land, boundaries, and more. Getting the land surveyed will help establish and confirm the lines of property possessions as well as the property lines of the deed.

Dividing a Parcel of Land

There are many situations when you may need to divide a parcel of land you own. Divorcing couples may want to do this so that they each own a divided claim on a large piece of property, and sometimes a property owner may want to sell only a portion of their land. No matter why you need to divide a parcel of land, you'll need to hire a land surveyor before doing so to be sure that your interests are protected.

Seeking a Home Improvement Loan

If you anticipate the need for a home improvement loan in your near future, it's important to have your land surveyed to establish the boundaries and have current facts on your property to show to potential lenders. By having the land surveyed prior to the lender's requirement, you may find yourself more easily and quickly approved for the home improvement loan.

Selling Your Home

When you decide to put your home on the market, you need to hire a land surveyor to evaluate your property before putting it on the market. The land survey will clearly declare where your property boundaries are, and it will also indicate to potential buyers that you did proper preparation. It will inspire greater confidence in home buyers, which can improve your bottom line when the home sells for an optimal price.

Finally, keep in mind that there are hundreds of situations where you may need to have your land surveyed. When you are in any of these six major life events, getting your land surveyed is a necessity, not an option. Start by contacting a professional land surveyor today for an estimate on surveying your property.