All About That Bath? No Trouble: 2016 Bathroom Trends You Should Know About

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2016 is here, and with the near year comes a whole host of new design trends. One of the more interesting areas of home trends is for those building new bathrooms or renovating their old one. But how do you sift through the many flash-in-the-pan trends and find ones that will keep your home current without being tacky? If you're looking for which trends in bathroom design you should employ to keep your space up to date, then here's what you need to know.

Big, Bold, and Beautiful

The strictly white, utilitarian, factory-style bathrooms died along with 2015, and in their stead comes the new trend of bold colors with which to decorate the bathroom with. Bright fuchsia, bold blues, and sunny yellows are all colors which are now own trend and will convert your bathroom to a room of happiness rather than a cold utilitarian space. In order to easily utilize these colors, consider creating a sort of tile mosaic on the wall with them. Whether you go realistic or abstract in your picture, the bright, statement colors are sure to liven up your bathroom and make it a happy place to be.

Open and Airy

As with the turn of the year, the cry is out with the old, out with the new – or, rather, in with the open-floor bathrooms and out with closed, confined floor plans. This year, the best way to keep your bathroom on trend is to create a wide open space. Forget doors – strategically placed bends in walls will give you privacy while still keeping your bathroom space wonderfully airy. Whether you decide to get rid of the doors for your bathroom cupboards or create a lovely walk-in, door-less shower (or both!), committing to an open floor plan will give you the current edge you want in a bathroom.

Glinting and Gleaming

While stainless steel has been the reigning king of metals for the last couple of years, it is stepping aside this year to make way for warm metallics. Whether gold, copper, or bronze, warm metallic fixtures can light up an otherwise unremarkable bathroom and turn even the coldest design theme into an alluring, welcoming environment. If you don't want to redo all your metal fixtures in this style, consider simply installing a statement piece – such as a hammered copper sink – to warm up the room and stay on trend without spending thousands of dollars. Contact a company like South Jersey Glass & Door for more information.