Beyond Heating Your Home: Other Great Ways To Use Propane-Powered Equipment

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When you move into a new home, you will have to make choices about what type of energy sources you will use for major appliances and your heating system. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, fuel costs and the environment, you should consider using propane. The clean fuel is nontoxic, economical and safe to store on your property in above ground or underground tanks. However, propane has many uses beyond fueling your HVAC system or powering your clothes dryer.

The following guide provides you with some other ideas for using propane-powered equipment.

Fueling A Backup Generator

When you live in an area prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, it is inevitable that you will have to endure power outages that may last several days. If you have a heavy duty propane-powered standby home generator, you will be able to keep your refrigerator running, charge your essential devices, and have light as you wait for the utility company to restore power to your neighborhood.

If you already have a storage tank of propane on your property, you can refill the generator's fuel if it runs low. Large capacity home generators can power your home for over a week if necessary.

Heating Your Pool, Hot Tub and Patio

If you are considering installing a pool or hot tub, you can heat the water in the structures with propane-powered heaters instead of devices powered by natural gas or electricity. Propane heaters are ideal for above ground or inground pools. They are eco-friendly, run efficiently and are weather-resistant. You can purchase state-of-the-art pool and hot tub heaters with digital controls that enable you to maintain water temperature at a comfortable level.

If you want to keep warm on cool evenings while relaxing on your patio, you can also install propane-powered outdoor heaters. The devices come in a variety of stylish designs, have safety switches and are easy to move.

Powering Your Lawn Mower

If you perform your own yard maintenance, you can buy lawnmowers fueled with propane. The top lawn equipment manufacturers offer numerous types of mowers that use propane including standard walk-behind lawnmowers. If you have a large yard, you can also choose from propane stand-on and riding lawnmowers.

If you have a large yard and need to purchase a commercial-grade propane-powered lawnmower, you may be eligible to participate in state-sponsored incentive programs for buying the energy-efficient machine. Check with your state's propane association for information on eligibility requirements for financial incentives.

The Propane Education and Research Council also offers financial incentives for purchasing commercial-quality mowers even if you are a residential user.

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