How To Keep People From Going Over Your Fences At A Concert Or Outdoor Event

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If you're organizing a concert or other large outdoor gathering, you're likely planning to use temporary fencing to keep people from wandering into areas where they don't belong. However, its not unheard of for dedicated fans and guests who have "had a few too many" to ignore these temporary fences and hop right over them. While you may not be able to prevent one hundred percent of all incidents, there are a few things you can do to decrease the number of people who choose to ignore your fencing.

Make sure you hang plenty of signs showing guests where to go for restrooms, food and the like.

One reason why guests may hop fences is because they can see the bathrooms off in the distance, but they can't figure out how to get there without hopping the fence in the way. (The same can occur with food booths and other attractions). If you hang up plenty of signs with the word "bathrooms" and an arrow pointing in the right direction, guests will know to follow the arrows and will be less tempted to take a shortcut over the fences.

If using mesh fencing, use two rows of it.

The bright orange, mesh fencing is a popular choice at concerts and other outdoor events because it is easy to put up and take down. However, it's very easy to climb over. Tall guests might be able to just take a big step over it! If you use this type of fencing, consider ordering twice as much as you need and setting up two rows, one right inside of the other. It's a lot harder to navigate stepping (or jumping) over two rows of the fencing -- your guests will likely avoid it because they don't want to trip or get tangled in the fence.

Simply remind people not to climb the fence.

People are less likely to climb over the fencing if they think nobody cares and they won't get caught. If you hang a few signs that say "Do not climb for security reasons" on the fence, most guests will obey. You can also make "please remember not to climb over any fences" part of your loudspeaker announcements throughout the event.

When people climb over your temporary fences, the fences get bent and damaged, and you end up with people in areas where they don't belong. Implement the strategies above, and you should have fewer issues in this regard.

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