4 Ways To Make Your Elderly Parent's Bathroom Safer

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As your parent ages, you might have to make modifications to his or her home so that it is more accessible and safe. One of the locations in which you can start the remodeling is the bathroom. Here are some tips for remodeling your parent's bathroom. 

Install a Walk-In Tub

A regular bathtub can be challenging for your parent and can actually put him or her at risk of slipping and falling. To lower the chances that your parent suffers an accident, you can exchange the regular bathtub for a walk-in. The walk-in has safety railings and non-slip floors. Your parent can easily walk into the tub and out without the risk of falling. If your parent enjoys showers, you can get a walk-in with a fixed or handheld showerhead installed. 

Use a Raised Toilet Seat

One of the problems your parent could face as he or she ages is sitting down and getting up from a standard toilet. Even with the assistance of a grab bar, it can be difficult. To make it easier for your parent, you can opt for a raised toilet seat instead. The seat has a locking mechanism that ensures that it fits the toilet securely so that your parent does not slip. For added security, you can also include the grab bars, if desired. 

Upgrade the Lighting

Unfortunately, the lighting in your parent's bathroom now might not be enough. Poor lighting can be a hazard to your parent and can result in accidents. To prevent this, consider installing new lighting. To accomplish this, you might have to upgrade your light fixtures and move around the lighting to new positions. 

Install a New Sink

If your parent is in a wheelchair, using a walker, or has complained about the height of the sink, consider installing a lower sink pedestal. The lower sink can be comforting and help avoid a situation in which your parent has to strain to reach the sink properly. If your parent does use a wheelchair or walker, you need to ensure that there is enough clearance for your parent to avoid bumping into the sink, while still being able to reach the faucets. 

There are other modifications that you could make to make your parent's bathroom more senior-friendly. Work with your plumber, electrician, and other professionals to design and create a safer environment for your parent. Be sure to include your parent in the remodeling to ensure that the changes will actually be beneficial.