Three Areas Roofing Can Be Installed Other Than Your Roof For A Unique Exterior

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If you are doing renovations to your home and having your roof replaced, you may want to consider installing roofing for other design details of your home. Materials like shakes and slate can be used for siding on gables, and shingles can be used to protect architectural features. If you want a different look for your home, you can have roofing installed on these areas of your home.

Here are three areas where roofing is commonly used on homes other than on roofs:

1. Using Shake Products And Siding Or For Architectural Details

Shake roofing materials can also be used as the siding on your home. If you want to have a contrast between the roofing on your home and siding, shakes can be a great solution.  They can look great as the siding details on things like gables on roofs, porch entrances and even be used to wrap columns. If you want a uniform look, there are also methods of installing corners to make the shake seem continuous.

2. Slate For Details On Gables And Other Roof Features

Slate is another roofing material that can be used as an exterior finish in different ways. It comes in stone materials that are installed as masonry with mortar, or it can the roofing materials can be used and installed like tiles on a roof. Slate can be used for different types of designs and patterns on gable ends and other design details.

3. Metal Roofing For Architectural Details On Columns

Metal roofing is another feature you can add to your home in other places besides the main roof. It can be added as a roof for things like bays, for details on columns and other areas. It can be costly to roof an entire roof in metals like copper, but it can be an affordable material to use for small details to give your home a unique look. Copper will also be more durable than some of the other materials available. If you want an alternative to copper, powder-coated materials are another good option you may want to consider.

These are some ideas for roofing on other areas of your home, other than on the roof. You can have these materials combined in many different ways for a unique look for the exterior of your home.  If you need to have a new roof installed on your home and want to have some of these features done, contact a professional slate roofing contractor and ask them about what will look best for your home.

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