Save Time And Money On Your Spring House Cleaning

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With a little planning, you'll make this year's spring cleaning a breeze, and you can save steps and time by cleaning like the professionals. Arm yourself with these tips to save time and money and make quick work of the house, inside and out.

Put Together Your House Cleaning Tool Kit

Get two buckets, one for wet items the other for dry. Get together the rest of the cleaning supplies you'll need and put them in the buckets to carry with you from room to room. See the following tools and products for ideas: 

Dust cloths or rags - Microfiber cloths are recommended. You can use them wet or dry and wash them for reuse. Save money over single-use paper towels.

Sponges - Use the anti-microbial types that you can rinse and reuse without the sponge developing a foul odor.

Various cleaners - You'll need a glass cleaner, grease remover and porcelain cleaner, or you can save some money and make your own:

  • White vinegar diluted in water cleans floors, walls, tubs and sinks. Use the vinegar undiluted to get rid of stains on porcelain.
  • Baking soda - Mix with a little water to form a paste and scrub tile, grout and tough stains where you'd use scouring powder.
  • Rubbing alcohol or ammonia - Use on glass and chrome surfaces.

Start at the Top and Work Your Way Down

Take your buckets with you to the uppermost room and start there. Put the vacuum cleaner outside of the room for the final touches. Work from the top of the house down, completing each room as you go.

In each room start at the top and work down. Dust the tops of shelves, ceiling fan blades and Venetian blinds. Move down to the furniture and eventually the floor. The final thing to do is pick up the floor and vacuum. When the room is done, move on to the next. You save steps by completing all cleaning in one room before moving on to another.

For Those Bigger Cleaning Jobs

If it's the year to do major sorting and cleaning of the closets, basement and garage, and yard out back, get organized by creating some staging areas. If you have a lot to throw out, a dumpster rental from a company like Peterson's Service Corp will save you from trips to the landfill in your pickup. Park the dumpster in your driveway and you have one staging area. Pick another area for items you'll take to the thrift store and one more for recyclables. 

As you go through each room, sort through the items and put them in their appropriate staging area. The next day you can take the pile to the thrift store, and the other to the recycling center. Schedule the dumpster to be picked up the next day, and you're done.

Easily get your spring cleaning done over the weekend by planning a little and being methodical. Save steps and the wear and tear on your back and feet. You'll soon have a clean, de-cluttered home, ready for you to put your feet up and relax.